​​​Sunday Worship Service¬†​10:30 am

New Rochelle United Methodist Church
1200 North Ave
New Rochelle New York 10804
Tel: 914-632-2166
New Rochelle United Methodist Church

New Rochelle United Methodist Church

Job Bible Self Study (During the week of May 13-19 there will be no bible study at the church.

1. Begin with prayer.
2. We are reading Job.

3. Begin by journaling about suffering that you have experienced, or suffering that you have seen others experience.
4. Write down what you remember about the book of Job.
5. Read Job Chapters 20-25. Can you identify with Job?
6. What does Job argue?
7. Do you think you identify more with Job, or with his friends?
8. What are Job's friends trying to convince him to do?
9. How do Job's friends respond to what is happening in his life?
10. How does Job respond?
11. How have you responded to the tragedies you've experienced in life?
12. Spend additional time reflecting on chapters 20-25.